Bel Canto is a family.  We invite you to join our family, if not as a chorister, then through your support of our choirs.

There are many ways in which you can contribute:

*Cash donations of any amount are most graciously accepted.

*Donations of goods or services that can be used in our fundraising efforts, including raffles and silent auctions will be most appreciated as well.

*Services in kind are of great value to the choirs as well.  Assistance with advertising and promotion, costuming, refreshments, transportation, or venues for various activities,  for example, can assist the choirs in reducing general operating expenses.

Although we are a parent run organization and have many dedicated individuals giving their time to support the choirs, sometimes extra assistance is required.  Another set of hands, legs, and voice can often be a great asset to our choirs.

In exchange for your generous support the Bel Canto Choirs will:

*Provide tax receipts where appropriate.

*Donors will be listen in our programs and other materials as appropriate, to ensure our membership and audience provides that support in return.

*Dependant on scheduling and availability, the choirs or a representative thereof, may be available for some short performances of events.