Communication between the Director, choristers, and parents is vital in order for each chorister to have a beneficial experience in Bel Canto Choir.  Newsletters with up-to-date information, and forms are frequently sent to parents via the chorister, email, by text, and via the Bel Canto Choirs website

Bel Canto will handle all of the logistics and organization for choral operations, which allows the chorister to concentrate on his/her task of improving their voice and performance skills.

Bel Canto will hire the best available artistic team which will be responsible for the artistic development fo the choristers.  This team will be given the freedom to create a superior choral program and it is the choir's responsibility to support the team in this.

Bel Canto is responsible for raising extra funds for the choir programs and needs.

Constitution and Bylaws

Policies and Procedures

Roles and Responsibilities