In order to maintain the professionalism of the Bel Canto Choirs, and to give the audience the best possible experience, the choir has certain expectations of its choristers.  These expectations have evolved from many years of choral activity and have been found to provide the most consistent and professional results.  All choristers are expected to know their duties to the choir and adhere to them.

The chorister's duties to the choir are as follows:

*Choir is a year long commitment from September to May (for the Youth Choir).  It is essential that the chorister attend every rehearsal.  Choir schedules are published at the beginning of each term.  Dates and times must be strictly adhered to.  Notify the director immediately if you have any conflicts.

*All choristers are expected 10 minutes early to every rehearsal.   Warm-ups are an extremely important component of the rehearsal and a latecomer is disruptive to the choir.

*If you are sick or will miss a rehearsal, notify the director.

*All Choristers are expected at every performance.  Choristers who miss rehearsal prior to a concert may be withdrawn from the performance.  An extended absence from choir effects the operation of the whole choir.  You are part of a team effort and each voice is needed to make the team complete.

*Home practice is essential.  All choristers are expected to meet memorization schedules.

*Choristers wishing to withdraw from Bel Canto should notify the Director in writing.  Fees will not be reimbursed for early withdrawal.