Bel Canto is a parent-led organization and it is crucial that parents assist the choir during the year.

Rehearsal Duties

All parents are asked to assist once or twice per term during rehearsals.  This job includes keeping track of attendance, distributing newsletters, assisting in the case of ill choristers, and supervising choristers.  Having a parent at every rehearsal  is crucial to the safety of all choristers.  At rehearsals, parents may be required to help set up risers, move furniture, as well as help ensure our rehearsal space is kept clean and tidy.

Concert Duties

When preparing for concerts, parents will be called upon to assist with many volunteer positions including selling tickets, moving and/or setting up and taking down equipment, handing out programs, costuming, supervision of choristers, or staffing the concession during intermission.  Your willingness to volunteer for these positions is needed and appreciated.


This is a very important part of our choir, allowing us to operate at a reasonable cost.  The chorister fees do not cover the full cost of running the choir (rent, insurance, music, uniforms, Crescendo workshops, director and accompanist costs and many other miscellaneous costs).  Each season the Board of Directors and Fundraising Committee selects projects for the year.  It is critical to the success of the choir that we have full support in fundraising activities.

Other opportunities to volunteer for the choirs will arise throughout the year.  Even those with limited schedule availability will likely find something to work on.  The choir coordinators will keep parents informed of opportunities throughout the year.