Volunteer Levies

Bel Canto is a Parent & Volunteer Run non-profit organization. 

This 2018-2019 season, we are implementing a volunteer levy for all three choirs. 

These fees are PER family, and are paid by issuing a post-dated cheque dated for the end of the season. The cheques are returned after volunteer hours are completed.

The levies are as follows:

Junior Choir: $50 for 5 hours of volunteering by parent or guardian

Youth Choir: $100 for 10 hours of volunteering by chorister, and/or parent / guardian

Northern Voices: $50 refund on fees will be issued once a minimum of 5 volunteer / fundraising hours have been completed

Volunteer levies will be waived if a larger commitment is made (eg. planning a fundraiser, chairing a committee, etc.)

More details will be made available on registration night.